8 Myths of Data Science

  1. Data Science is all about tools and technologies
  2. You need a certificate or degree to become a Data Scientist
  3. Only engineering graduates can become Data Scientists
  4. Only statisticians can become Data Scientists
  5. Paid offline Data Science courses are better than free online ones
  6. Complex models are always better than simple ones
  7. Communication and storytelling are not important in Data Science
  8. Domain knowledge is not important for Data Science

Don’t believe in these myths.

Data Science is all about solving a problem using “data” in a “scientific” way.

Tools and technologies are secondary.

Your skills and experiences matter the most. Learn as much as you can – there are enough free online courses.

Practising whatever you learn is very important. For example, if you’re learning Python, install Python and practise whatever you learn.

Once you’re comfortable with the basics, apply your skills on real-life data and projects. Participate in contests and hackathons.

Keep learning. Keep practising. Keep growing.

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