Angular Training in Ahmedabad

Angular is a JavaScript framework used to build rich client-side web applications and Single Page Applications (SPAs). Modern ASP.NET, PHP, Node js & Java based applications not only utilize the server-side processing but also use rich client-side features. No wonder Angular is emerging as a key player amongst client side frameworks. This course teaches all the essentials you need to know about TypeScript and Angular.

  • Introduction to TypeScript
    • Why we need TypeScript?
    • Introduction to TypeScript
    • benefits of TypeScript
    • Getting started with TypeScript
  • TypeScript classes and interfaces
    • Creating classes
    • Constructors, properties and methods
    • Inheritance
    • Creating interfaces
  • Miscellaneous topics
    • Functions
    • Modules and Namespaces
  • Introduction to Angular
    • Understanding Angular
    • Benefits of Angular
    • Setting up environment for Angular development
    • Running an Angular app
    • Understanding the folder structure
    • Angular initialization
  • Components
    • What is an Angular component
    • Creating Angular components
    • Bootstrapping the component
    • Components inheritance
  • Databinding
    • Understanding data binding
    • Attribute binding
    • One way and two way data binding
    • Event binding
  • Directives and Pipes
    • Understanding directives
    • Built in directives
    • Angular pipes
    • Creating custom pipes
  • Routing
    • Understanding Angular routing
    • Defining routes
    • Attaching routes to actions
  • Angular Forms and Controls
    • Introduction to Angular forms
    • Types of Angular forms
    • Creating template driven form
    • Creating model driven form
    • Angular form input controls
    • Angular form validation
    • Angular form and controls properties
  • Ajax using Angular and ASP.NET Web API
    • Invoking ASP.NET Web API using Angular
    • CRUD operations using EF, Web API and Angular

Angular (Angular js) Fees DetailĀ 

Total Training Hours = 35 to 40

Total Fees in Rs. = 8000/- Only

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