Magento 2 Training in Ahmedabad

What is Magento?

Magento is open source e-commerce software. It is usually used for building a successful online shop. This software powered by PHP and MySQL. Like WordPress it also has many features including a plug-in architecture and a template system. Magento is free software so no installation cost. You can easily download it from internet. One of major advantages of this software is that different types of plug-ins are easily available. This saves the time of development and maintains the quality standards and of course saves testing time.

Why to Use Magento?

  • Magento is an open source E-commerce software.
  • Magento is scalable and offers small organizations to build business.
  • Magento enables searching and sorting of products in several ways.
  • Magento easily integrates with many of the third-party sites which are needed to run effective E-commerce website.


Magento Features

  • Magento provides different payment methods such as credit cards, PayPal, cheques, money order, Google checkouts, etc.
  • Magento enables shipping of products in one order to multiple addresses.
  • Magento helps to manage the orders easily by using the admin panel.
  • Magento provides order of product status and history of product. It also supports e-mail and RSS feeds.
  • Magento supports multiple languages, different currencies and tax rates.
  • Magento filters the products and displays in grid or list format.
  • Magento makes it easy to browse the products. It has features such as image zoom-in and checking of stock availability.
  • Magento has built-in SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Magento Content

  • Magento Overview
    • What is Magento ?
    • Why to use mangento
    • Magento features
    • Magento Architecture
  • Magento Store Setup
    • Magento – Setup Language
    • Magento – Setup Contact
    • Magento – Setup Catergioes
    • Magento – Setup Products
    • Magento – Setup Inventory
    • Magento – Setup Taxes
    • Magento – Setup Shipping Rates
    • Setup payment plans
    • Magento – Payment Method
    • Magento – Setup Curriences
    • Magento – Set Check Out Option
    • Magento – Setup Google Checkout
    • Magento – Setup Store Live
  • Magento Order Processing
    • Magento – Orders Life Cycle
    • Magento – Setup Order Option
    • Magento – Setup Order Emails
    • Magento – Create Orders
    • Magento – Manage Orders
  • Magento System Setup
    • Magento – Setup Customers
    • Magento – Setup Google Analytics
    • Magento – Setup Pretty URLS
    • Magento – Setup Youtube Videos
    • Magento – Setup Facebook Likes
    • Magento – Setup Translations
    • Magento – Setup System Theme
    • Magento – Setup Page Title
    • Magento – Setup Page layout
    • Magento – Setup New Pages
    • Magento – Setup CMS
    • Magento – Setup Newsletter
  • Magento Optimization
    • Magento – Site Optimization
    • Magento – Profiling
    • Magento – Database Performance
    • Search Engine Optimization
  • Mangento usedul Resourses
    • Magento – Question and Answer
    • Magento – Quick Guide
    • Magento – Useful Resources
    • Magento – Discussion

Fees detail

We offer the course of Magento at very competitive fees as below:

For Technical students: Rs. 10,000 /-

For Non-technical students: Rs. 15,000 /-

Payment details:

One can confirm his admission at institute by depositing some amount and paying the rest in installments.